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Meet-The-Candidate Opportunity!

Orleans County will now be represented by 2 Members of Congress in Washington D.C.!!!!

Two of these candidates, Steven Holden (District 24) and Joe Morelle (District 25) AND NY Assembly District 139 Candidate Jennifer Keys plan to meet with us so we get to know them and they get to know us THIS SUNDAY, OCT 9, 12:30pm, Cobblestone Visitor Center, Cobblestone Museum, 14386 Ridge Rd. W., Albion

Please plan to come meet them, and maybe bring a friend or 2 or 3 :-)

Please also think about bringing a checkbook so you can give them some extra support if you like what you hear

Another way of thinking about the Congressional Districts is:

Steven Holden is seeking to represent those of us in Albion, Barre, Clarendon District 2/3, Ridgeway, and Shelby.

Joe Morelle is seeking to represent those of us in Carlton, Clarendon District 1, Gaines, Kendall, Murray, and Yates.

Jennifer Keys is seeking to represent all of us in Orleans County through the 139th NY Assembly District.

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