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OCNY Democrats on The Orleans Hub

Albion woman hosted house party for McMurray on Sunday (From The Orleans Hub)

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 10 October 2018 at 12:13 pm

ALBION – Nate McMurray brought his congressional campaign to Albion on Sunday when he stopped at a house party in his honor at Joyce Riley’s home on Linwood Avenue.

About 50 people attended the event and raised more than $3,000 for the candidate, who is challenging Republican incumbent Chris Collins.

Riley said the group set a $1,000 fund-raising goal. She hosted the event from 4 to 6 p.m. and the attendees included many local Democratic Party leaders, as well as residents who are Conservatives and Republicans.

The 8-county district is heavily Republican. McMurray acknowledged he will need lots of support on Election Day from voters outside the Democratic Party.

“The thing that jumped out at me is he is all-inclusive,” Riley said today. “It wasn’t just Democrats at this gathering. It was Democrats, Republicans and Conservatives. In order for any Democrat to win, you have to cross the divide and represent your constituents. You can’t win with just one-party support you need to have broad community support.”

McMurray has been attending house parties, rallies and other events in the district. Last week his campaign announced it raised $475,000 since Chris Collins was indicted for insider trading.

“We’ve been fueled by potlucks and picnics and our grassroots support has been growing from day one,” McMurray said in a statement last week. “But this race now has, and deserves, national attention. Mr. Collins’ arrest put NY-27 in the spotlight because it’s obvious to everyone, and certainly voters here, that they deserve better than a representative out on bail. I understand how big this district is – I know because I’ve been everywhere talking to voters about healthcare, social security, and how to help small businesses and family farms succeed – and I know that it’s important we get our message everywhere.”

McMurray told the group in Albion that every vote is critical. He was elected Grand Island town supervisor, winning by 2 votes.

He focused on the importance of an active citizenry and community involvement in his message at Albion, Riley said.

The group responded to his message, with many donating to his campaign.

“That is a testament to the grass roots,” Riley said. “We’re not talking about huge donations.”

She appreciates that McMurray is reaching out to small-town residents and engaging with them at house parties and other events.

“These are the people who will go in and pull the lever,” Riley said. “He is really a go-getter. He believes in meeting you where you are. We all walk together.”

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