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Statement from Chairman Jay S. Jacobs on FOX News Settlement

The January 6th, 2021 Insurrection at the Nation’s Capitol resulted in the loss of both law enforcement and civilian lives. Moreover, hundreds of those who participated have been arrested, many being tried, convicted and now, with their lives ruined, sit, deservedly, in Federal prisons. This is indisputable. They came to Washington on that day to challenge what they believed were the results of a “stolen election.” They came at the urging of the President and his claim that the election was stolen. That claim was amplified, verified and promoted by the FOX NEWS organization. The settlement of the defamation law suit brought by Dominion makes clear that, from the very beginning, FOX executives, producers and on-air commentators all believed and, in fact, knew that the claims they were making were patently false. They deceived the viewing public – many of whom trusted them to bring them the truth about that year’s election – all to boost ratings and win back viewers. With FOX’s settlement and admission yesterday, that is now, also, indisputable. That deception was the direct cause of the deaths, injuries, destruction and desecration in our nation’s capitol. It is why many of those now convicted and incarcerated for participating in that day’s rioting now sit in prison. As large as it may seem, FOX’s $787,500,000 payment to avoid trial and greater embarrassment is a small price to pay for the lives lost or ruined and the nation’s reputation tarnished, by the selfishly malicious deception perpetuated by a purported “news organization” pledged to bringing its viewers the truth. Everyone associated with FOX, from Rupert Murdoch to the men and women behind the cameras should be ashamed of themselves.

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