Orleans County Municipal Websites

Orleans County Legislature    https://orleanscountyny.com/
Town of Albion            http://www.townofalbion.com/ 
Town of Barre              https://www.townofbarreny.com/
Town of Carlton           https://www.townofcarlton.org/
Town of Gaines            https://www.townofgaines.org/
Town of Kendall           https://www.townofkendall.com/
Town of Murray            http://www.townofmurray.org/
Town of Ridgeway        https://www.townridgeway.org/
Town of Shelby             https://www.townofshelbyny.org/
Town of Yates               https://www.townofyates.org/
Village of Albion          https://www.villageofalbionny.com/
Village of Holley          http://www.villageofholley.org/
Village of Lyndonville  http://www.villageoflyndonville.com/
Village of Medina        https://www.villagemedina.org/

Click on the link for your municipality for meeting dates and times.