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Who We Are

Committee Members

Jeff Lewis- Chairperson
Jeanne Crane- Vice Chairperson
Jim Renfrew- Vice Chairperson
Kriss Sniffen- Treasurer
Beth Wood- Secretary


District 001

Cynthia Turner 

Michael Schmackpfeffer 

District 002

Darlene Benton 

Larry Harvey 

District 003

Terry Wilbert 

Mattea Molisani 

District 004

Patricia Cammarata 

Sandra Walter

District 005

Phil McKenna

District 006

Gary Kent 


District 001

Maureen Beach 

Janice Grabowski 

District 002

Kriss Sniffen 

Elizabeth Wood 


District 001

Jeffrey Lewis 

District 003

Eileen Aina 

Jeanne M. Crane 

Bob Golden 


District 001

James R. Renfrew

District 002

Donna Peterson-Spence 


District 001

Bill Lattin 

Freeman Lattin 

District 002

Theodore Swiercznski 

Richard Ebbs 


District 001

Catherine Renko 

District 003

Jonathan Gillman 

Lynn Szozda 

Kathy Wahl 


District 006

Rosanne Leach  


District 002

Michael Maak 

Cheryl Brady-Thompson


District 001

Agnes M. Recco 

144th Assembly District 



District 001

Darlene Rich 

Dan Nogle

We work to :

*Provide representative and responsible government

*Inspire and encourage democrats to participate in governance

*Guide Democrats through the process of getting on the ballot to run for elected office

* Support endorsed democrats through the election process

Your committee is made up of 2 elected members from each election district, for the total of 80 committee seats in Orleans County.

Why I Am a Democrat


Why am I a Registered Democrat?  I see the value of being a part of a greater whole in a way that I have a voice in the primary election process.  I see the value of my voice in choosing representatives who will best make use of science and empathy to protect and serve humanity and our planet.  I see the value of my voice in choosing representatives who put planetary and humanitarian balance and alliances above blind allegiance.  


 - Beth Wood


I have not always been a Democrat. In 1972 my parents were life-long Republicans. I registered as a Republican, as well. But my thinking shifted and I changed my registration in that same year. I supported the Democratic nominee for president in 1972! I even served as a primary poll watcher! By the 1980’s my parents had become Democrats, too!

Sometimes Democrats in elected office have disappointed me, yet I am still here because the Democrats represent the best hope for change in our part of New York. The impact of climate change is serious and steps must be taken now to give the environment a chance. I believe that health care is right for everyone, not a privilege only for those who can afford it. The Republican do-nothing approach to the pandemic verges on criminal. Poverty and racism undermine our democracy and blaming the victims makes it all worse. Our foreign policy was reduced to a shambles over the last four years, and it is Democrats that are working hard to restore our stature in the world.    

      I am glad to be a Democrat. I am glad to be serving on our county committee. I am glad to be working with all of you!

-James Renfrew

I am a democrat because I believe in putting people first.  Making the change to better each individual, each family, every community and our nation.

We do this by supporting healthcare, education, infrastructure and more within our diverse nation.


Kriss Sniffen

I am a proud democrat.

I believe in a free enterprise system for the working and middle classes, not just corporations.


I believe no one should go bankrupt, lose their home and life savings,or die because they can't afford healthcare and don't have reasonable health insurance.


I believe no one should be homeless, hungry, abused, or neglected regardless of the cause.


Jeanne Crane

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