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Dems Debate Response


August 23, 2024

Statement from Chairman Jay S. Jacobs on

GOP Presidential Primary Debate

“The clear winner of tonight’s debate is President Biden. The Republican candidates have all shown they are extreme and out of touch with everyday Americans. They want to end Social Security and Medicare. They talk about bringing manufacturing back to the United States while they incentivize shipping jobs overseas. Many have called for a national abortion ban and none believe climate change is real. They pander to the NRA and they don't support our democracy.

President Biden and Vice President Harris have made it clear that they will continue to protect a woman’s right to choose nationwide. They have fought and will continue to take on the NRA. They have protected Social Security and Medicare and they defend American democracy. Thanks to Governor Hochul, New York leads the way on these issues important to all Americans and we will continue to be a model state for the nation to follow. In 2024, New York Democrats will re-elect President Biden and Vice President Harris, send Senator Gillibrand back to the Senate, and ensure Hakeem Jeffries becomes the next Speaker of the House.”

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