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Gillibrand in Orleans County with big news in the form of $2 Million check

On Friday, August 18, Senator Kirsten Gillbrand of New York visited Orleans County. It was an important occasion because the Senator presented a $2 million ceremonial check representing a FEMA allocation to the county towards the construction of a new Emergency Management Center at 14064 West County House Road in Albion. According to reporting in the Orleans Hub, an additional $10 million will be needed to complete the project, but $2 million is an excellent start!

The presentation took place at the existing Emergency Management Center that was built in 1962, more than sixty years ago! Having the appearance of a small Cold War fall-out shelter, those present were reminded that the 1962 building is cramped, leaks during bad weather, and is not ADA-compliant. The new facility will be located on the same campus.

Senator Gillbrand cited the need for an up-to-date emergency management facility, particularly to be prepared for adverse weather conditions that could seriously impact Orleans County agriculture.

Also speaking were County Legislature Chairwoman Lynne Johnson, and Emergency Operations Director Justin Niederhofer. Legislator Johnson, as quoted in the Orleans Hub, praised the Senator, "Through Senator Gillibrand's unyielding dedication to public safety, and her genuine compassion for the people she serves, she has secured $2 million to help us build a brand-new Emergency Management Office."

Thank you, Senator!

James Renfrew

Vice-Chair, Orleans County Democratic Committee

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