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Impossible Districts

Democratic Rural Conference Statement on New IRC-proposed

Congressional Districts

As set out in the Constitution of New York State, new congressional districts should not be drawn to divide communities of interest, to prioritize the security of incumbents, or to concentrate voters of each party into exclusive enclaves. Unfortunately, the lines adopted by the Independent Redistricting Commission on February 15 have the effect of doing exactly those things in most districts.

These proposed lines will result once again in huge, uncompetitive congressional districts across much of upstate that promote extremism and leave members of the smaller party with representatives completely unsympathetic to their concerns. Even those of the majority party end up represented by someone who may have to travel 4 hours or more just to visit their communities, as exclusively rural districts must cover 14 and 15 counties to amass enough population. Regrettably, counties are often fragmented into separate districts, as well.

The proposed districts seem designed to avoid competitive elections, which

does a disservice to us all. We, the Officers and Board Members of the

Democratic Rural Conference of New York State, urge the Legislature to

reject the maps submitted by the Independent Redistricting Commission.

The Democratic Rural Conference of New York State represents

Democrats in 47 of New York’s 62 counties, those with populations smaller than 250,000 people.

Officers Board Members

Judith Hunter


Margaret Bartley

Essex County

Livingston County

Keith Batman

Timothy Perfetti

Cayuga County

Executive Vice Chair

Cortland County

Jeanne Crane

Orleans County

John Hurley


Ontario County

Kimberly Davis

Clinton County

William Thickstun


Oneida County

William Hughes

Columbia County

James Mills

Putnam County

Darlene Baker


Oswego County

Michael Plitt

Genesee County

Ronald McDougal

Northern Vice Chair

St. Lawrence County

Thomas Schimmerling

Delaware County

Michael Monescalchi.

Catskill/Hudson Vice Chair

Rensselaer County

Ted Young

Seneca County

Liz Moran

Central Vice Chair

Madison County

Cynthia Appleton

Western Vice Chair

Wyoming County

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