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  • Jeff Lewis

Message From Our Chairperson

2021 looms large; For my taste it cannot come soon enough. I have seen many politicians given over to treasonous acts in 2020. I have seen a President, the highest office in the land, trashing America and what it stands for, while he runs a pardon bargain sale. He is helping the worst of the worst. He has selected from among the convicted traitors and political felons for his slate of those to be pardoned. We could say his aim is the total destruction of fabric of decency that America has had. He has instead chosen the total debauchery of the land and our institutions. The land I so love and am so proud of has been severely wounded by this administration.

I believe a rebirth will begin after January 21st. I am anxious to be a part of it, I am waiting to cheer it, In fact, I am anxious to do my part in it, to make the new administration a grand success featuring the good we the nation are capable of achieving. We must clamor loudly to drown out the fraud and disinformation of the Republicans, thugs, and racists our President invited to the nations table. We must decry their grab for every bit of power they could over the past four long years. Their power grab was not to benefit the people, No the masses were not to be lifted up by this wealth. Instead this huge rise in wealth was focused on raising up the 1% of the wealthiest citizenry in this country. The population whose pockets were filled and whose bellies were gorged on our natural resources, our parks, our range lands, and on the backs breaking work of our essential workers. The essential workers, those hit hardest by the pandemic, they were the most victimized.

The elderly, are dying at rates outpacing our worst armed conflicts. Our President maintains it is just like the flu mild no worries. We had been losing the greatest generation naturally for years, and now we are losing the rest coupled with the baby boomers and members of the minority communities. We are losing them at alarming rates, not naturally, but born out of gross mismanagement during the worst world health crisis ever. These aren’t people going away and returning later, they are dead and never coming back and they are leaving us not in peace, they leave with no dignity, and no comfort of loved ones.

Where my fellows is the clarion call to action, where is the town crier to ring out the tales of the scale this injustice reaches. I can tell you that must come from us, yes, you and I, we must be those standard bearers. We must make enough noise and clamor to raise the county and the country, if we don’t the cost is unthinkable.

We face hard times as a country and as a county, we face great times as we restore dignity and respect for human life to the country and the county. I call on all of my fellow Democrats to consider taking the risk and running for office. We must make a space where people are confident in its safety to come and discuss their ideas. We must make ways for those ideas to become the seeds of policies and platforms. To change at the local level we must start to right wrongs here. Our neighbors are good and strong people they can measure the impact. We must work hard to have our principles and ideas heard we must work hard to elect Democrats. I want to thank all of you who had a part in me becoming our County Chair and pledge to serve you. I do that best by welcoming your voices to the table.

Jeff Lewis

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