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Wagenhauser for NY-24 in 2024

Thursday, December 7, 2023

David Wagenhauser Announces Run for NY-24 Congressional Seat

Waterloo, NY – David Wagenhauser announced today that he is challenging Representative Claudia Tenney for New York’s District 24 Congressional seat in 2024. Wagenhauser, who grew up in Upstate NY, has served as a Public Interest/First Amendment Attorney and Executive Director for a public interest group in Washington, DC. He was the Vice President of his family’s home care business for 15 years and served a full term as an elected Village Trustee in Brockport, NY.  

Wagenhauser launched his website ( and released a video to announce the kick-off of his campaign. “It’s time Claudia Tenney came home.”  He continued, “Tenney has become more interested in fighting partisan battles, booking TV and radio time and inciting social media outrage, than in working to solve the problems she complains about daily.”   

Wagenhauser notes he offers a clear alternative to Tenney’s often combative, ultra-partisanship that is the   “politics as usual” in DC today.  “Instead of simply blaming others for problems, we need to be working to find solutions. That means finding common ground for the common good.” He added, “You don’t have to agree with someone to work with them and improve the lives of our neighbors.” 

Wagenhauser seeks significant government reform. “They go in rich and come out richer,”  he stated. “We need meaningful Congressional reform, including working to put an end to stock trading, an end to corporate financing of elections, and an end to gerrymandering.” He also called for the passage of term-limit legislation. “Washington is broken and needs leaders who will step up and lead by example.”

Are Social Security and Medicare endangered?  “It’s not a threat, it’s a plan,” he said - referencing the Republican Study Committee’s stated intention to cut these programs.  Tenney is a member of this group.  Wagenhauser also acknowledged the importance of reducing the cost of prescription drugs. “Steps have been taken to get these costs down, but Tenney has fought reforms every step of the way.” He continued,“Tenney is largely bankrolled by corporate interests and PACS, including Big Pharma titan Pfizer.” Wagenhauser’s website details many of these transactions.    

“I will fight for the hard-working women and men of Upstate NY. That means jobs that provide families livable wages that keep ahead of inflation. I’ll support legislation such as the “CHIPS” act that will deliver tens of thousands of good careers to Upstate NY, giving opportunities for our kids here.” Tenney voted against that job-creating Bill.   

“It has become clearer by the day that Claudia Tenney does not represent Upstate values - integrity, respect, civility, independence and helping our neighbors,” Wagenhauser stated. 

“I invite everyone to join me as I run to reform a broken Congress, protect Social Security and Medicare and empower our hard-working families to prosper.”

ABOUT David Wagenhauser and NY-24

NY’s -24th Congressional District includes Cayuga, Genesee, Livingston, Ontario, Oswego, Seneca, Wayne, Wyoming, Yates, and portions of Jefferson, Niagara and Orleans Counties.  

David Wagenhauser grew up in Spencerport, NY, where he spent summers working on local farms. He went to college at SUNY Brockport and Syracuse University College of Law and served as a public interest attorney and Executive Director in Washington, DC.

Wagenhauser has testified before Congress  and worked to craft bi-partisan legislation. He also served as VP at his mother’s home care agency and served as an electedVillage Trustee in Brockport, NY.  

Wagenhauser lives with his wife of over 25 years (Laura), in Waterloo, NY. Their daughter works in NYC and their son is a Junior at Syracuse University.  They are working to restore a 175 year old home.

Wagenhauser is a fighter for Upstate NY, who believes that a Representative can be more effective for his/her District by exercising civility and respect and by finding common ground with those one may not agree with.  

Dave stands strong on his values - the values of Upstate NY - that are detailed at his website:

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