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Wagenhauser: Tenney Does Not Represent Us.

February 2, 2024

Congressperson no Longer Represents The Interests of NY-24 Voters

Waterloo, NY – Yesterday, the FEC released fundraising totals for NY-24. Rep. Claudia Tenney’s, numbers showed:

About 340k raised for the 4th Q 2023 and $1.1 million for fiscal year 2023;

Tenney’s “Victory Fund” brought in an additional $290k for the year;

$200,000 of the Victory Fund was from a billionaire energy investor and over $70k from another;

Of Tenney’s total take, over 70% was from Big Corporations, Corporate PACS, lobbyists and their officers.

“This is just wrong,” said David Wagenhauser, who is running to unseat Tenney. “We work for the people signing our paycheck - the people signing Tenney’s check are not the people of NY-24; they are Pfizer, billionaires, bankers and Wall Street elites,” he said.

“Tenney’s fundraising totals won’t tell you who will win the election, but a review of her donors will tell you who’s got their money's worth and how she will vote this year,” Wagenhauser stated. He pointed to Tenney’s previous votes for Big Pharma (she voted against price caps on insulin for diabetics and other efforts to make prescription drugs more affordable); her votes for Big Insurance and against covering people with pre-existing conditions and to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), that would have left millions uninsured; and her votes to cut tax rates for billionaires and Big Corporations, causing the national debt to skyrocket.

While raising big PAC money, Tenney’s campaign also spent huge sums: $845 thousand dollars last year.. “Hundreds of thousands of dollars to slick DC consulting firms and $750 meals at exclusive DC insider haunts such as the Capitol Hill Club show just how out of touch Tenney has become and the respect she shows for other people’s money.” Wagenhauser continued, “They go in rich, they come out richer.”

Wagenhauser’s fundraising totals for 2023 were also released yesterday. They showed he raised over $6k in a very short time after his Christmastime launch. He noted he is significantly above that amount now. He also noted that unlike Tenney, his campaign will not accept money from Big Corporations, Corporate PACS or lobbyists. “We are working for the people of our District, and will fight for our neighbors, not Wall Street, not K Street lobbyists and not Big Pharma.”

“I can guarantee you that we will be outraised and outspent by Tenney.” he said, “But we will not be outworked or out-organized, or beaten in November by a career politician who no longer represents the interests or values of the people of this District.” He concluded, “Tenney once campaigned on fighting for people, not PACS. Her FEC filings and the video I am releasing today tell a different story. She’s changed and the lines she’s crossed tell us who she’s really fighting for.”

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