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Notes from Schumer

Hi all,

Below are Leader Schumer’s floor remarks and talkers on the Senate advancing the NDAA this week and confirming more qualified judges to the federal bench. Leader Schumer also provided an update on negotiations for an omnibus package and spoke out against the rise in antisemitism in America.

Recent Senate Democrats’ tweets and videos are also below. Please reach out with any questions.

1) Majority Leader Schumer Floor Remarks & Talkers On The National Defense Authorization Act And The Senate Continuing To Make Progress By Confirming President Biden’s Diverse And Well Qualified Judicial Nominees:

Washington, D.C. – Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) today spoke on the Senate floor on the National Defense Authorization Act and Senate Democrats confirming President Biden’s judicial nominees, including confirming Tamika Montgomery-Reeves today to serve as Circuit Judge on the Third Circuit. Senator Schumer’s remarks can be viewed here.

  • This week, the Senate will consider the bipartisan NDAA and send it to the President’s desk.

  • Also this week, the Senate will continue our work to confirm President Biden’s nominees.

  • As of today with the confirmation of Tamika Montgomery-Reeves to the Third Circuit, the Senate has confirmed 96 judges to the federal bench, including one Supreme Court Justice, 68 district judges, and 26 circuit court judges, surpassing the number of circuit court judges confirmed in the first two years of the past two administrations.

  • Of the judges confirmed to date:

    • 71 are women – about 75%

    • 65 are people of color – almost 70%%

    • 45 are women of color – nearly 50%

    • 23 are Black women – nearly 25%

  • This class of federal judges are the most diverse, both in demographics and background, confirmed in two-year stretch, bringing balance and dynamism to the judicial system.

  • Confirming qualified and diverse judges will remain a top priority in the next Congress, fostering greater trust in our courts and building a judiciary that reflects America.

2) Majority Leader Schumer Floor Remarks & Talkers On Providing An Update On Government Funding Legislation:

Washington, D.C. – Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) today spoke on the Senate floor on progress being made on a year-long government funding agreement. Senator Schumer’s remarks can be viewed here.

  • As the Senate advances the NDAA, both sides also continue bipartisan negotiations for an omnibus package.

  • Later this week the Senate will take quick action on a continuing resolution to avoid the risk of a government shutdown and give appropriators more time to finish a full funding bill before the holidays.

  • A full government funding package is in the best interest of the American people and our veterans who are depending on a fully funded VA to hire more health care workers, work through a backlog of claims, and implement the PACT Act.

  • The Senate must continue to work together to do right by our nation’s service members and their families and send a complete omnibus package to President Biden’s desk ASAP.

3) Majority Leader Schumer Floor Remarks & Talkers On The Obligation To Call Out The Poison Of Rising Antisemitism And Bigotry:

Washington, D.C. – Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) today spoke on the Senate floor on the importance of combatting antisemitism, bigotry and hate. Senator Schumer’s remarks can be viewed here.

  • Over the past two months, numerous public figures – from celebrities to former President Trump – have fanned the flames of antisemitism through their words and conduct.

  • Antisemitism is resurging in America, manifesting in hateful words, graffiti, threats, and even physical violence and death.

  • The former president has yet to apologize for hosting antisemites at his dinner table, instead lecturing American Jewish leaders for “insufficient loyalty”, and everyone must speak out against him.

  • Every single one of us, without exception, has the obligation to call out the poison of antisemitism wherever it arises.

4) Leader Schumer & Senate Democrats Tweets and Videos – RT/Amplify

Leader Schumer: Senate Democrats have confirmed 95 of @POTUS's highly qualified and diverse judicial nominees to the federal bench:

About 75% are women

Almost 70% are people of color

Nearly 50% are women of color

Nearly 25% are Black women

And we will keep working to confirm more! LINK

Senate Democrats (VIDEO): Today, Republicans BLOCKED the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Democrats will keep fighting Via @SenBobCasey and Sen. @PattyMurray LINK

Senator Warner: It’s a great week for us to get a defense bill done that increases military pay, addresses housing insecurity, and promotes mental health care for our military men and women. LINK

Senator Baldwin: I was honored to join @SpeakerPelosi to celebrate the House passage of the Respect for Marriage Act. I’m proud that after great bipartisan work, the historic bill is now headed to @POTUS’ desk to be signed into law! LINK

Senator Hassan: A highlight from this year: the PACT Act being signed into law. After sacrificing so much for our country, we need to continue connecting our veterans to the health care and benefits that they have earned and deserve. LINK

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